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Hacking Web Applications and Penetration Testing: Fast Start

Hacking Web Applications and Penetration Testing: Fast Start
Hacking Web Applications and Penetration Testing: Fast Start

Hacking Web Applications and Penetration Testing: Fast Start

Learn main aspects of ethical web hacking, penetration testing and prevent vulnerabilities with this course

What Will I Learn?

Hacking Web Applications and Penetration Testing: Fast Start

  • Set up a virtual environment to practice without affecting main systems
  • Install Kali Linux – a penetration testing Debian distro
  • Install virtual system which has vulnerable web applications
  • Basic terms, standards, services, protocols and technologies
  • HTTP protocol, requests and responses
  • Intercepting HTTP traffic using a personal proxy
  • Gather sensitive information in websites
  • Find known vulnerabilities using vulnerability database
  • Find known vulnerabilities using search engines
  • Google Hack Database (GHDB)
  • Discover unpublished directories and files associated with a target website
  • Input and output manipulation
  • Input and output validation approaches
  • Discover and exploit reflected XSS vulnerabilities
  • And exploit stored XSS vulnerabilities
  • Discover DOM-based XSS vulnerabilities
  • Prevent XSS vulnerabilities
  • Discover and exploit SQL injection vulnerabilities, and prevent them
  • Bypass login mechanisms using SQL injections and login a website without password
  • Discover & exploit blind SQL injections
  • Prevent SQL injections
  • Authentication methods and strategies
  • Bypass authentication mechanisms
  • Find unknown usernames and passwords: brute force & dictionary attacks
  • Launch a dictionary attack
  • Access unauthorized processes
  • Escalate privileges
  • Access sensitive data using path traversal attack
  • Session management mechanism
  • Impersonating victim by session fixation attack
  • Discover and exploit CSRF (Cross Site Request Forgery)


  • You should be familiar with web sites and general technology
  • You should have basic computer experience and knowledge


Welcome to the “Ethical Hacking Web Applications and Penetration Testing: Fast Start! You’ll learn how to “ethically” hack websites from scratch.

In this course, you will find the clean and pure information.

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to hack or harden a website.
  • People who are willing to make a career in Cyber Security
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