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Tips to Create More Effective Marketing Videos for YouTube

Tips to Create More Effective Marketing Videos for YouTube
Tips to Create More Effective Marketing Videos for YouTube

Tips to Create More Effective Marketing Videos for YouTube

Tips to Create More Effective Marketing Videos for YouTube More and more businesses are focusing on YouTube as a platform to market their brand and products. The reason for that is simple: YouTube is essentially the world’s second largest search engine, and people watch over 1 billion hours of video on it daily – which is more than both Facebook and Netflix combined.

If you want to run a successful marketing campaign on YouTube however, you first need to create effective marketing videos for it. For that there are a few important tips that you should try to utilize:

  • Focus each video on a single goal and message

One of the biggest mistakes that you can possibly make when creating marketing videos for YouTube is to try to fulfill multiple goals with a single video. All that will do is dilute the message and make it less likely that you fulfill any of your goals.

In short before you create a video you should define a single goal for it, and a message that helps you to achieve it.

  • Add a hook to the introduction

Did you know that most YouTube videos lose a significant portion of viewers within the first 10 seconds? That is not surprising, as many viewers will start watching videos and decide really quickly on whether or not to keep watching.

To keep videos watching your marketing videos, you should add a hook to the introduction. Don’t beat around the bush but just get straight to the point and try to use the first 8 to 10 seconds to entice them to watch more.

  • Make sure that it is mobile-friendly

Over half of the views of YouTube videos are from users on mobile devices, and your marketing videos need to cater to that fact. In some cases if you’re specifically targeting mobile users you may even want to consider using square or vertical aspect ratios.

At a bare minimum you should make sure that your marketing video can deliver its message effectively on smaller screen sizes.

  • Try to trigger an emotional reaction

The most successful marketing videos on YouTube are the ones that are able to trigger an emotional reaction of some kind. It may not be easy to pull that off, but with a mix of excellent storytelling, mood-inducing background music, and good production value – you can pull it off.

Remember the key to triggering an emotional reaction is to make viewers feel emotionally invested in the first place.

Needless to say the quality of your videos is important as well, and as a rule you should always follow YouTube’s recommended format and settings. If your marketing video does not follow those guidelines you should convert it prior to uploading, and for example you could use Movavi Video Converter and follow the steps at

Make no mistake YouTube is competitive, and you will need to create truly impressive videos to stand out. The tips listed above should help put you on the right track, and improve your chances significantly.

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